I'm Michael Costin - a digital marketer in Australia

I've worked in digital marketing since 2009. I run a 40-ish person marketing agency in Sydney and nerd out on all things SEO, paid media and scaling service businesses.

My Things

Digital marketing service

We drive more customers for our customers. Multi-channel digital ad campaigns that keep sales pipelines full. A team of strategists, specialists and creatives - just plug your business in.

Google Ads service

Google Ads management services for advertisers with a limited budget.


Each week hosts Michael Costin and Arthur Fabik talk all things search engine optimisation, drawing from a decade working on the SEO front-lines both client side and agency side.

Natch SEO Software

Natch is nerdy SEO software we created that: 1. uses Google Natural Language API to optimise copy. 2. re-writes copy for you using GPT-3 paraphrasing. 3. monitors your website for changes & sends alerts (perfect for SEO agencies to monitor client sites)


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